Holidays with children should be seen as a time to spend with her children and grandchildren a quality time and share their new experiences and emotions. Children love to move and look around, but at the same time they need to rest in time or who prefer to devote to physical activity, rhythm, time and means different from the adult world.

For this reason, the Hotel Piccolo Mondo offers various services for children, entertainment at the hotel and the beach. Thank you to our proposals, even parents can enjoy a well deserved and just "relax and next to their children ... For them, there are always special offers and promotions.

For the night: beds, cribs parachute, bathtubs, Secure Sockets
For the day: comfortable chairs, tablecloths and colored plates, a refrigerator to store yogurt, milk and snacks

And for pediatric emergency specialists, as well as a medical emergency force h24.