Our Meals

The cuisine is varied and treated, offers specialty meat and fish, with a buffet of hot and cold appetizers, vegetables and fresh fruit for lunch and dinner. Adriatic fish every day. A special buffet is exclusively dedicated to dessert cakes, frozen desserts, ice cream and other treats so sweet to finish your meal. The buffet breakfast, sweet and salty, features a selection of jams, cakes, pastries, chees, cereals, biscuits, fruit juices, coffee and cappuccino. Weekly special evenings where they will be offered the menu "theme".

The drinks included in the all inclusive:  natural water, sparkling water, lemonade, lemon and peach tea, pepsi, orange juice, lemonade, juice, red wine, rosé wine, still white wine / sparkling.

For the little ones:
cots, baby baths, high chairs and bed sides.
The kitchen offers flexible schedules and special menus prepared at the time, such as vegetable broths or meat, baby food, soups, vegetable purees